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Name Title
Guillaume Beuf NLO dipole factorization for DIS structure functions at low x (pdf)
Tamas Biro Mimicking thermal sources by Unruh radiation (pdf, pptx)
Matthias Burkardt Transverse (Spin) Structure of Hadrons (pdf)
Zinhle Buthelezi Physics with muons in the ALICE experiment at the LHC (ppt)
Giovanni Chirilli High energy QCD factorization: from DIS to inclusive Hadron Production in pA collision (pdf)
Jean Cleymans The Thermal Model at the LHC
Alan Cornell  
Abhay Deshpande Science and Prospects of the Electron Ion Collider in the US (pdf)
Markus Diehl Imaging partons with exclusive scattering processes (pdf)
Francois Gelis Towards thermalization in heavy ion collisions (pdf)
Dimitrios Giataganas Observables in Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Plasma in AdS/CFT (pdf)
Errol (Asher) Gotsman A Model for Soft Interactions motivated by AdS/CFT and QCD (pdf)
Ulrich Heinz Initial shape and final flow fluctuations in event-by-event hydrodynamics for RHIC and LHC (pdf)
W. A. Horowitz EVMP: Nucleons vs. Nuclei, An Update (pptx)
Edmond Iancu JIMWLK evolution in the Gaussian approximation (pdf)
Antal Jakovac Nonlocal Effective Theories (pdf)
Alex Kovner Angular Correlations in Gluon Emission at High Energy (pdf)
Matt Lamont e+A physics with an electron collider at RHIC (pdf)
Tuomas Lappi Multi-gluon correlations in the Color Glass Condensate (pdf)
Vladimir Litvinenko High-Energy High-Luminosity Electron-Ion Collider eRHIC (pdf, pptx)
Azwinndini Muronga Third order relativistic dissipative fluid dynamics (pdf)
Richard Newman  
Alexei Prokudin Studies of three dimensional partonic structure at an EIC (pdf)
Voica Radescu PDFs from HERA to LHC and possible impact of LHeC (pdf)
Kari Rummukainen Plasma instabilities and thermalization (pdf)
Gunar Schnell Highlights from HERMES (pdf)
Tobias Toll A new Monte Carlo event generator for diffraction in eA (pdf)
Raju Venugopalan Building bridges with ridges (pdf, ppt)
Heribert Weigert The Color Glass Condensate: QCD at modern collider facilities (pdf)
Dawit Worku The Status of the Hadron Resonance Gas Model and its Extension in Thermodynamic Quantities (pdf)