Heribert Weigert

Associate Professor - Director CTMP


Dipl Phys Dr rer nat habil Regensburg

Research areas

High Energy Physics


Myself - a short introduction

I am interested in QCD at high energies and densities as encountered in virtually all modern collider experiments, be it in the search for the Higgs particle or the Quark Gluon Plasma. My own field of research has centered on the Color Glass Condensate (CGC), a highly correlated state of predominantly gluons. Field theory and the JIMWLK equation are the main tools to describe the energy dependence of the CGC dominated contribution to experiments as conducted at BNL and CERN.

I am director of CTMP, a NITheP affiliate as well as a member of SA-CERN and UCT-CERN.


Student vacation projects:

Feynman diagrams for Ø4-theory using Mathematica and asymptote.
Diffusion on curved manifold: From Fokker Planck to Langevin via path integrals.

Honors, masters, and PhD projects:

The JIMWLK at NLO - cancellation patterns
Non equilibrium field theory: 2PI equilibration
Field theory in different vacua: Bogoljubov transformations


Conferences and workshops:

Hard Probes 2013: The 6th International Conference on Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of High-Energy Nuclear Collisions
(Nov 4-8, 2013)

Exploring QCD frontiers: from RHIC and LHC to EIC
(Jan 30 - Feb 03, 2012)

Jack de Wet Student Competition 2013:


The Centre of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at the University of Cape Town announces the Jack de Wet Student Competition 2013. The competition is open to all science students currently enrolled at a South African University. The Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics at the University of Cape Town sponsor the competition with R2000 to be awarded for the best and most elegant solution to a problem set by the prize committee (posterdetails).The winner will be invited to UCT for a presentation and and award ceremony.




4000nW Relativistic Quantum Mechanics:

Course outline(2011), lecture notes available to local students upon request.

1032S General physics - modern physics:

Lecture notes (2011) available to local students upon request.