This is a first-year, non-calculus introductory course for Science students who do not intend proceeding to second-year courses in Physics.


Heribert Weigert, RW James 4.08

Entrance requirements

PHY1031F, or PHY1023H

Course outline

ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM: Electric charge, electric field, electric potential, capacitance, current, current density, emf, resistance, resitivity, networks, magnetic field, Biot-Savart law, Ampere's law, electromagnetic induction, inductance, alternating currents. OPTICS: light, wave optics, interference, diffraction, reflection, refraction, images, lenses, optical instruments
THERMODYNAMICS: Thermal energy, heat, laws of thermodynamics, entropy, thermal properties of matter, atomic model of matter, thermal expansion, calorimetry
MODERN PHYSICS: The electron and photon, quantum physical phenomena, atomic structure, wave-particle duality, elementary particle physics, radioactivity.


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