PHY1004W is a first-year, calculus-based introductory Physics course for Science students intending to continue with second-year Physics. It based on the Matter and Interactions curriculum.


Andy Buffler, RW James 5.01

Entrance requirements

Students will normally be expected to have passed FET Physical Science and Mathematics with at least 60%. MAM1000W (or equivalent) must have been passed or be taken concurrently.

Course outline

MODERN MECHANICS: Matter and interactions, conservation laws, the momentum principle, atomic nature of matter, conservation of energy, energy in macroscopic systems, energy quantization, multiparticle systems, exploring the nucleus, angular momentum, entropy, kinetic theory of gases, gas laws, probability theory.

ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC INTERACTIONS: Electric fields, electric potential, magnetic fields, electric circuits, capacitance, resistance, magnetic force, Gauss' law, Ampere's law, Faraday's law, induction, electromagnetic radiation, waves and particles, interference and diffraction


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