Ph.D. degrees since 2003

  • Dr. M. Marais Ph.D. December 2003.
    Thesis title : ``Thermal Modelling of Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions Conserving Strangeness Exactly. ''
  • Dr. Spencer Wheaton Ph.D. December 2005.
    Title : The Development and Application of THERMUS - a Statistical-Thermal Model Analysis Package for ROOT.
  • Dr. Bruce Becker Ph.D. June 2007.
    Title : Development of a High-Level Trigger for the Dimuon Spectrometere of the ALICE Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Dr. Sarah-Louise Blyth Ph.D. June 2007.
    Title : Using the phi-meson to probe the medium produced in Au+Au collisions at RHIC.
  • Dr. Mark Horner Ph.D. June 2007.
    Title : Systematic studies of low- and intermediate-pT correlated angular distributions in Au+Au collisions at sqrt(s) = 200 GeV from the STAR experiment.
  • Dr. Rory Adams Ph.D. December 2008.
    Title : Flux Corrected Transport applied to Hydrodynamics for Heavy Ion Collisions.
    Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Muronga
  • Dr. Dawit Worku Ph.D. June 2012.
    Title : Statistical Models to Describe Nuclear Matter at High Temperatures and Densities.
  • Mr. Christopher Powell Ph.D. December 2012
    Title : J/psi Production in Heavy Ion Collisions at the STAR Detector at RHIC.

M.Sc. degrees since 2003

  • Ms. Sarah-Louise Blyth M.Sc. with distinction 2004.
    Title: "Jet Study in Ultra-relativistic heavy-Ion Collisons with the ALICE Detectors at the LHC."
  • Ms. Nawahl Razak M.Sc. degree 2004.
    Title: "Maxima in Strangeness Observed in Heavy-Ion Collisions using Statistical Models."
  • Ms. Heather Gray M.Sc. with distinction December 2005.
    Title: ``The Reconstruction of High-pT Photons with the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of the ALICE Experiment at the LHC.''
  • Mr. Michael Hauer M.Sc. June 2006.
    Title: ``Statistical Distributions in the Thermal Model.''
  • Mr. Maciej Andrzej Stankiewicz M.Sc. December 2006.
    Title: ``Development of a freeze-out surface for 3+1 dimensional hydrodynamics.''
  • Mr. Chris Powell M.Sc. February 2010.
    Title: ``J/psi Production in d+Au Collisions at sqrt(s) = 200 GeV at the STAR Experiment.''
  • Mr. Angus Comrie M.Sc. June 2011.
    Title: ``The effect of delta rays on Impact Parameter Resolution in Pixel Detectors.''
  • Mr. Kgotsoaledi Johnson Senosi M.Sc. December 2013.
    Title: ``Production of W bosons in the semi-muonic channel at forward rapidity in ALICE.''