Chris Hani Building

The Faculty of Science is in a position to offer you a unique and enriching undergraduate experience, and a qualification that is respected throughout the world. As a Faculty within Africa’s top ranked university, we are home to a large number of world-ranked researchers, and you will thus be taught by leaders in their fields. You will join over 1500 undergraduate students registered for the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

We offer a wide range of majors (you will be expected to choose two) designed to build the intellectual and technical capacity of our graduates so you can critically engage in, and find creative solutions for, the challenges facing society, or subsequently pursue postgraduate studies at this or any university around the world. The conceptual and practical training offered will prepare you for leadership in research, policy and decision-making and equip you for a wide range of professional and academic career paths in and beyond South Africa, and to be able to compete competitively in the international arena. Over 15% of our undergraduate students and 35% of our staff are international, which will provide you with a multi-cultural experience and exposure to a variety of perspectives that will shape your future.