It is a very different experience being a postgraduate student, compared to being an undergraduate student. There is a greater expectation to be self-sufficient and there are not as many set structures governing progress through the degree. To ensure that postgraduate students have ready access to information relating to their needs and expectations here are some useful resources:

Postgraduate Hub

The Postgraduate Hub is a source of information and support for new, prospective, and current postgraduate students at UCT. There are resources on courses, applications, fees, funding, student life, and development and support.

SCI PG Student Amathuba and Vula Sites for Postgraduate Students

All postgraduate students registered in the Faculty of Science will be automatically added to the "Science Faculty" Amathuba or Vula site. Useful resources will be provided on this site that will guide you in your postgraduate studies.  It is also used for communicating with postgraduate students, with notifications being sent to all students' UCT email accounts.

Faculty of Science Masters and PhD Information Booklet

This booklet explains and outlines the administrative and academic issues related to the postgraduate experience for Masters and PhD students. It provides valuable information on a range of important faculty and university policies and procedures of direct relevance to higher degree candidates in the Science Faculty, both current and future.

Last updated 21 December 2023