Like other Faculties, the Science Faculty recognises the value of student voices in the activities of the Faculty. At the undergraduate level this is achieved through the formal structure of a Science Students’ Council (SSC), a body elected by students to represent student interests.  

The SSC thus provides a representative structure through which students can debate issues of concern, to undertake initiatives to the benefit of the undergraduate student body, and provides students with a voice and a mechanism through which to make a contribution to the running of the Science Faculty. 

Members of the SSC are elected annually by the student body.

Message from the Chairperson:

On behalf of the Science Students Council, welcome! The SSC is essentially a bunch of happy, friendly people who are looking to make a real difference in the lives of Science students at UCT and in the community at large.  Primarily we are here to represent the needs and views of students - student interests are our interests. And secondarily, we work on a multitude of projects that enhance the student experience, like special talks, Science outreach programmes, the Grad ball and many other cool things!  Getting involved is easy, contact us on Facebook , Twitter, e-mail or by visiting our office, Room 6.76.1  on Level 6  of the P.D. Hahn.

SSC Mission Statement:
The Science Student's Council is a student governance body comprised of 10 elected students, that serves as a platform for students to voice opinions and concerns, and thus establishes and maintains formal communication between the student body and faculty management.  This is in part done by sitting on various multiple governance structures within the University, including sub-councils, faculty committees, the Dean's Advisory Committee and Student Parliament.

We strive to provide students with a safe environment that is intellectually stimulating and maximally conducive to learning. We aim to enable students to reach their full potential on both academic and personal levels by providing academic support and by advertising existing opportunities that promote learning and personal growth, as well as by hosting our own events.

2021 Council members:

      Name                                                                   Position                                                             Contact Details

Deony Barrington
Chairperson Email: Chair
Bongi Ngomani
Vice Chairperson Email: Vice Chair
Sibusiso Mazomba
Secretary General Email: Secretary General
Eoghan Coetzee
Treasurer  Email:  Treasurer
Alarice Chetty
Academic Chair Email: Academic Chair
Daniel Mogaswa
Marketing & Memorabilia Email:  Marketing & Memorabilia
Millenium Zuma
Events Co-ordinator Email:  Events Coordinator
Bruce Mvubele
Transformation & Outreach Email:  Transformation & Outreach
Talifhani Muladzi
IT & Resource Manager Email:  IT & Resources
Grant Kantor
Student Life & Publications Email:  Student Life & Publications

Last updated 16 March 2021