Study how humans and environments have changed through time at Africa’s leading university.

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About Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of our past, and South Africa holds important clues about that history. At the Department of Archaeology at UCT, we study cultural, biological, and fossil records to answer how humans and our environment have evolved.

Our researchers are especially interested in the dynamics of a past when the climate was changing dramatically, and when most of the modern flora and fauna, including our own species, Homo sapiens, evolved.

With inclusive research teams and access to leading facilities, studies at the Department of Archaeology aim to answer how we became who we are today.

Our research

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Access excellence in Archaeology

Our students access African-led research, training, and outreach. Through our linkages to the African Heritage Hub and Research Centre (AHHRC) and the Human Evolution Research Institute (HERI) we support skills that are relevant locally and globally.

Our courses

Archaeology courses focus on the deep past of southern Africa. They are open to students from the science and humanities faculties.


A degree in Archaeology gives you access to careers in museums, the heritage and conservation sector, and other opportunities.

Our facilities

Our labs have some of the only equipment available in Africa for the study of isotopes, morphology, metallurgy, and archived materials.