Several research groups have been established within the Department of Archaeology at UCT. Among them are:

Stone Age Research Group

The Stone Age Research Group is dedicated to the study of the behavioural ecology of Stone Age hominins. The group participates in fieldwork in eastern and southern Africa. Currently, the Stone Age Research Group is under the supervision of Dr Yonatan Sahle.

Iron Age Research Group

The Iron Age Research Group is dedicated to the study of the archaeology of the last 2 000 years which is popularly known as the Iron Age. This period is largely associated with the Bantu agropastoralists who form most of the population in southern Africa.

Historical Archaeology Research Group (HARG)

HARG brings together archaeologists and other researchers actively interested in the history of the last 600 years to introduce the sub-discipline of historical archaeology to UCT. HARG acts as an umbrella group for people from a range of disciplines and offers a home for visiting historical archaeologists. It also includes a network of contacts, a resource centre, and a laboratory. HARG became well-known in the Western Cape for its contribution to local cultural heritage research, consultancy, and conservation management. It also helped provide a localised forum for debate and resolution of issues around the identification and conservation of sacred sites, particularly Muslim burial grounds. HARG is currently under the supervision of Dr Vuyiswa Lupuwana.

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