Cesareo Dominguez

Emeritus Professor


Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics. Senior Research Scholar.

Department of Physics, University of Cape Town

Research Area

Theoretical High Energy/Elementary Particle Physics. Quantum Chromodynamics Phenomenology. Determination of the fundamental parameters of QCD (quark masses, strong coupling, anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, etc.). Behaviour of matter (quark-gluon and hadronic) at high temperatures and in the presence of very strong magnetic fields. Neutron stars and Magnetars.

Details of publications may be found in: Inspire HEP or Google Scholar


Alejandro Ayala (Univ. of Mexico), Jose Bordes (Univ. of Valencia, Spain), Marcelo Loewe (Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Chile), Karl Schilcher (Univ. of Mainz, Germany), Jose Penarrocha (Univ. of Valencia, Spain), Alfredo Raya (Univ. of Michoacan, Mexico), Cristobal Rojas (Catholic Univ. of the North, Chile), Hubert Spiesberger (Univ, of Mainz, Germany), Cristian Villavicencio (Univ. of Chillan, Chile).

Postgraduate Students

Recent Graduates

  • Sebastian Bodenstein (PhD)
  • Mawande Lushozi (MSc)
  • Preshin Moodley (MSc)
  • Raoul Roentsch (MSc)
  • Bernard Willers (MSc).
  • Luis Hernandez (PhD)
  • Mawande Lushozi
  • Preshin Moodley

Opportunities for Graduate Students

Participate in vibrant and extremely productive international research collaboration on topics of current interest in both Physics and Astrophysics. Visit collaborators in Europe and South America to work on thesis projects for several weeks a year.