CTMP as a forum for theoretical an mathematical physics is linked to a large number of entities and research facilities at UCT, South Africa, and the world.

Much of the research is tied into Big Science through connections to large particle collider experiments, notably CERN, and large scale astronomy experiments, notably the SKA. The International theoretical and mathematical physics community –defined in part through our far ranging direct collaborations – is the third element of our international context. We interact with this layer directly but also in the context of SA-CERN, SKA-SA, and NITheP, national entities that provide part of our funding. Closest to CTMP are entities that operate within UCT, all of these have partially overlapping sets of members: UCT-CERN, our representation towards SA-CERN, ACGC, the UCT Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravity Centre, and QGaSlab, the forum of our string theorists.