Roger Fearick

Honorary Research Associate

Research Areas

Nuclear Physics

Teaching 2015

I teach and do research at UCT

Classical Mechanics in the Physics Honours course.


I do research on nuclear physics at iThembs LABS.

Some recent publications:

  • List of publications.
  • Precision measurement of the 9.641 MeV, 3− state in 12C.

    Tz. Kokalova, M. Freer, Z. Buthelezi, J. Carter, R. W. Fearick, S. V. F¨ortsch, H. Fujita, R. Neveling, P. Papka, F. D. Smit, J. A. Swartz, and I. Usman.

    Phys. Rev. C 87 057307 (2013)

  • Cluster Structure of 12C and 11B.

    M. Freer, H. Fujita, Z. Buthelezi, J. Carter, R.W. Fearick, S.V. Fortsch, R. Neveling, S.M. Perez, P. Papka, F.D. Smit, J.A. Swartz, I. Usman, P.J. Haigh, N.I. Ashwood, T. Bloxham, N. Curtis, P. McEwan, H.G. Bohlen, T. Dorsch, Tz. Kokalova, Ch. Schulz, C. Wheldon.

    Nucl. Phys. A. 834 621c (2010).

  • Global investigation of the fine structure of the isoscalar giant quadrupole resonance.

    A. Shevchenko, O. Burda, J. Carter, G. R. J. Cooper, R. W. Fearick, S. V. Foertsch, H. Fujita, Y. Fujita, Y. Kalmykov, D. Lacroix, J. J. Lawrie, P. von Neumann-Cosel, R. Neveling, V. Yu. Ponomarev, A. Richter, E. Sideras-Haddad, F. D. Smit, and J. Wambach.

    Phys Rev C Vol. 79, 044305, (2009).

  • A model-based view of physics for computational activities in the introductory physics course.

    Andy Buffler, Seshini Pillay, Fred Lubben, and Roger Fearick.

    American Journal of Physics, 76, 431-437, (2008).

  • Real Time Global Tests of the ALICE High Level Trigger Data Transport Framework.

    Becker, B ., Chattopadhyay, S ., Cicalo, C ., Cleymans, J ., de Vaux, G ., Fearick, R. W ., Lindenstruth, V ., Richter, M ., Rohrich, D ., Staley, F.

    IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 0018-9499 55 703, (2008)

  • Analysis of fine structure in the nuclear continuum.

    A. Shevchenko, J. Carter, G.R.J. Cooper, R.W.Fearick, Y. Kalmykov, P. von Neumann-Cosel, V.Yu. Ponomarev, A. Richter, I. Usman and J. Wambach.

    Phys. Rev. C, 77, 024302 (2008).

  • Magnetic dipole strength and the $T=0$ proton-neutron residual interaction.

    R. W. Fearick, P. von Neumann-Cosel, A. Richter, S.J.Q. Robinson and L. Zamick.

    J. Phys Soc. Japan 75 094201 (2006)

  • Shell-model test of the rotational-model relation between static quadrupole moments Q($2_{1+}$),B(E2)s, and orbital M1 transitions.

    S.J.Q. Robinson, A. Escuderos, L. Zamick, P. von Neumann-Cosel, A. Richter, R.W. Fearick.

    Phys. Rev C. 73 037306 (2006)