Principles of Physics (Extended Degree programme)


Dale Taylor, RW James 4.05

Entrance requirements

This course is by invitation only and is constituted in week 7 as part of the Science Faculty's Extended Degree Programme

Course outline

TOOLS AND SKILLS FOR PHYSICS: Essential mathematical, diagrammatic and conceptual tools and skills for Physics, coordinate systems, vectors, rates of change, the fundamental forces, mathematical techniques and their relationship with physical phenomena, problem solving strategy, explanations in physics.
MECHANICS:, kinematics, forces, dynamics, momentum, impulse, work, energy, power, collisions, rotation, rotational dynamics, torque, angular momentum, static equilibrium, gravitation.
PROPERTIES OF MATTER: elasticity, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics.
VIBRATIONS AND WAVES: simple harmonic motion, damped oscillations, forced oscillations, resonance, travelling waves, superposition, standing waves, sound waves, sound intensity, Doppler effect.


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