Professor Julian Ma will present the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology seminar with a talk entitled, "Prospects for producing molecular complexes for vaccines and antibodies in plants"

Julian Ma joined St. George’s University of London in October 2003, leading a research team that specialises in immunology and the production of recombinant pharmaceuticals using plant biotechnology (molecular pharming). His research is particularly focused on using biotechnology tools to produce novel pharmaceutical proteins to improve global access to modern medicines.

Professor Ma graduated in Dentistry at Guy’s Hospital in 1983, where he also gained his PhD in Immunology under Prof Thomas Lehner, studying anti-microbial immunotherapy using monoclonal antibodies.

Professor Ma was the scientific co-ordinator of Pharma-Planta, from 2004-2011, a €12M European Union Framework Programme 6 project to develop pharmaceuticals from plant-derived proteins. He was subsequently awarded an ERC Advanced Grant to develop further plant biotechnology derived medicines to clinical trials. He is currently the Principal Investigator for Pharma-Factory, an €8.3M EU Horizon 2020 project to advance the commercial pipeline of products from molecular pharming.

He was the vice chair for the European COST Action on Molecular Farming from 2009-2013 that co-ordinated molecular farming research and policy activities in 28 European countries. He subsequently founded the International Society for Plant Molecular Farming and was the founding President 2013-2016.

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