The Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Cape Town is responsible for the development of the Statistical Sciences within the University which are, inter alia, the disciplines variously known as Statistics (and all sub-disciplines such as Biostatistics, Biometrics, Econometrics), Operations Research, Management Science, Quantitative Methods, Decision Science, and Analytics and for the application of the Statistical Sciences in all areas of human endeavour. The department is located in the Faculty of Science but has strong ties to the Faculty of Commerce. 

The department is committed to the development of the statistical sciences within and beyond the university. In its teaching, the department recognises that there are needs both to train professionals in the statistical sciences, and to provide quantitative and decision-making skills to students in other disciplines. In its research, the department seeks to maintain a balance between the development of theory and applications of that theory. In broad terms, the research within the department covers mathematical statistics, operations research and decision modelling, biostatistics, ecology, finance and econometrics. The research conducted by the department is a blend of both theory and applications.

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