Geology is the science of the Earth’s origin, structure and composition, and evolution. The Department of Geological Sciences has a long tradition of research and teaching across the many sub-disciplines of geology, including geochemistry, mantle petrology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, Precambrian studies, marine geoscience, petroleum geophysics, environmental geochemistry, and structural and economic geology. The department has a wide range of analytical facilities at its disposal which allow high-precision analysis of elemental and isotope abundances in geological materials in support of research endeavours. 

With South Africa’s rich natural resources and internationally famous geological occurrences, the department is well placed to offer premier training in the geological sciences at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our graduates are in demand across the world, and if you like science, care about the Earth, are fascinated by the natural world, and like working outdoors, consider studying geology. 

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