Facilities and Surveys

MeerKAT Large Survey Projects (Booth)

KAT-7 Update (Foley)

ThunderKAT (Woudt)

VAST: An ASKAP Survey for Variables and Slow Transients (Murphy)

LOFAR Transient KSP (Fender)

Affiliated Projects

TRAPUM: Fast Transients (Stappers)

VLBI (Bietenholz)

MIGHTEE (van der Heyden)

Requirements I: Software Developments

MeerKAT Software Developments (Horrell)

LOFAR Transients Pipeline (Swinbank)

EVLA Software Developments (Miller-Jones)

MeerKAT Simulations I (Heywood)

MeerKAT Simulations II (Smirnov)

Requirements II: Real-Time Reporting and Commensality

VOEventNet/CRTS (Drake)

Commensality with SWATS/Apertif (Bell)

Multi-wavelength coordination

SALT Status Update (Buckley)

Infrared Survey Facility (Nagayama)

Optical Transient Surveys (Groot)

Multi-wavelength Science of Compact Binaries (Steeghs)

Status of ALMA and Synergies with ThunderKAT (Rushton)

Fermi Transients (Corbel)

Science with KAT-7

KAT-7 2011 Roadmap (Ratcliffe)

GRBs with MeerKAT/KAT-7 (Wijers)

ThunderKAT-7 (Fender)

Early Results from Affiliated Surveys

Transients with LOFAR (Bell)

A LOFAR Image of SS433/W50 (Broderick)