This conference will bring together experts and young scientists in the research field of novae. Since the last conference on novae in 2002 new developments in nova research have emerged. Here we will explore the latest developments in the nova field from both theoretical and observational points of view, throughout the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum. Furthermore, with the advent of all-sky surveys of the transient sky, global networks of robotic telescopes and large future telescope facilities, new windows into the study of classical and recurrent novae will emerge.


* General description, including central systems and evolutionary pathways

* Multi-wavelength observations of the nova outburst -- (Radio to gamma rays)

* Galactic and Extra-galactic Nova Populations

* Simulations (i.e. explosion mechanism, model atmospheres, ...)

* Possible links to other classes of objects (e.g. Type Ia SNe)

* Old nova shells and remnants

* Symbiotic Systems

* Multi-wavelength surveys of the transient sky

* Future facilities