The most recent version of the detailed programme can be found at: PHISCC 2016 Programme
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The PHISCC 2016 meeting (1-3 February 2016) will focus on the tools that are being developed to get ready for the surveys that will start in just over a year rather than being a general HI meeting. The primary goal is to get together the technical people developing the tools and the astronomers that intend to use them as we get closer to the beginning of the Large Survey Programs. Most talks are expected to be update talks and not general ones. However, there will be half a day at the end, which will be dedicated to more science-focused talks.

Talks will vary from 10 to 20 minutes with 5 minutes for discussion.
Special discussion sessions will also be organized.

The first day will consist of invited talks and for the remaining 2 days we request abstracts to be submitted according to the following broad themes (for either oral or poster presentation):

  • HI data analysis tools (e.g. HI source finding & characterisation, kinematics extraction, stacking, visualisation, etc.)
  • Theory and modeling
  • Simulations (e.g. datasets, telescope response, etc.)
  • Ancillary data (e.g. future planned instruments/surveys)
  • Archiving
  • HI Science


Splinter meetings:

  • PHISCC Business meeting: Monday 1 February (evening), SAAO, venue TBD

The splinter meetings scheduled for 4-5 February will take place on the University of Cape Town campus in the RW James Building (Physics, Astronomy and Oceanography). A map of the UCT campus can be found here. The RW James Building is shown in blocks C10 & D10. The entrance is on the University Avenue side, (block C10).

  • LADUMA team meeting: Thursday 4 February, RW James Building, Astronomy Seminar Room
  • LADUMA team outreach day: Friday 5 February, various schools
  • MIGHTEE HI team discussion: Friday 5 February (afternoon), RW James Building, Room 330
  • Kinematics group meeting: 4-5 February, RW James Building, Room 2.19
  • CHILES group meeting: Friday 5 February, RW James Building, Astronomy Seminar Room


5-7 February
For other splinter meetings (contact ccarignan and/or sarblyth AT to arrange)