Professor Sue Milton

BABSc (UCT), Hons (Stell), MSc, PhD (UCT)

Activities and research interests

Lecturer in conservation ecology, arid zone vegetation dynamics and restoration at University of Stellenbosch, Karoo vegetation dynamics, rangeland assessment, land degradation, plant population ecology, seed dispersal, rehabilitation in arid ecosystems.

Sue Milton's career (MSc 1981) at the University of Cape Town began with research on the reproductive ecology and seed banks of invasive Australian Acacias on the Cape Peninsula. After gaining experience in factors influencing the population ecology of indigenous Acacias in savanna and ferns in Afromontane forest, she migrated to the Karoo to research plant-herbivore interactions and the effects of livestock ranching on Karoo vegetation (PhD 1992). Together with her ornithologist husband, Dr Richard Dean and graduate students, she has been involved in studies of plant populations, animals, resource use and seed dispersal in the Karoo and Kalahari, as well as in central Germany and southern USA. She retains a keen interest in processes and effects of alien plant population growth. Understanding gained has been applied to the development of conceptual models of vegetation change and management, the rehabilitation of surface mines and abandoned fields and to assessment of environmental health and grazing capacity of Karoo veld.

Recent peer-reviewed publications


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