Niven Library access policy

Security considerations make it necessary for the library to be locked at all times. Library hours are 8h30 to 16h30, Monday to Friday. Library users may ring the bell to gain access.

The Niven Library collection is available for research purposes to the following individuals:

  • Staff, research associates and students of the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology
  • Staff, research associates and students of the Department of Biological Sciences
  • Card-holding members of Birdlife South Africa
  • Staff, research associates and postgraduate students of the University of Cape Town
  • Members of the public who have made a prior arrangement with the Niven Librarian

Please ensure that you have identification on you at all times, either a UCT ID card or drivers license.

Borrowing procedures

Books (except material on reference shelves) may be borrowed from the Niven Library by MSc and PhD students and staff members of the FitzPatrick Institute, and the Biological Sciences Department. All journals, newsletters, theses and reprints are only to be used in the Library unless a special arrangement is made with the Library Manager. New staff and students wishing to borrow from the Niven Library must register as borrowers with the Library Manager.

View Niven Library Users' Guide [PDF - 115KB]

Photocopy/scanner facilities

Anyone wishing to copy Library material may make use of the photocopier/scanner in the Library using a staff or student card. Scanning to an e-mail address can be done free of charge.