The Advisory Board meets annually in March to discuss matters pertaining to the Institute. The Members of the Board are the following:

Mr Mark Anderson (BirdLife South Africa)
Dr Pippin Anderson (ENGEO, UCT)
Dr Graham Avery (WESSA)
Mr Mike Buckham (co-opted)
Mr Dawie Chamberlain (co-opted)
A/Prof.Susan Cunningham (Director, FIAO)
Mr Dean Ferreira (co-opted)
Prof. Sue Harrison (DVC Research, UCT) 
Mr Vernon Head (co-opted)
Mrs Marina Niven (FitzPatrick Memorial Trust)
Prof. Maano Ramutsindela (Dean of Science, UCT) - Chair
Mr Francois van der Merwe (co-opted)
A/Prof. Tony Verboom (Head, Biological Sciences, UCT)


Centre of Excellence at the FitzPatrick Institute

The CoE Steering Committee meets in March and November each year. The March meeting is largely to approve the CoE Annual Report and Audit Report for the previous year, while the November meeting is largely for approval of the CoE Business Plan and Budget for the following year. The members of the Board are the following:

Prof. Michael Cherry (U. Stellenbosch)
A/Prof.Susan Cunningham (Director, FIAO)
Malekgotla Finger (NRF)
Theressa Frantz (SANBI)
Prof. Sue Harrison (DVC,Research, UCT) - Chair
Vusi Malele (DST)
Frank Mazibuki (NRF)
Rose Msiza (DST)
LInda Mtwisha (Research, UCT)
Prof. Maano Ramutsindela (Dean of Science, UCT)
Nathan Sassman (NRF)
Yonah Seleti (DST)