The Advisory Board meets annually in March to discuss matters pertaining to the Institute. The Members of the Board are the following:

Mr Mark Anderson (BirdLife South Africa)
A/Prof. Pippin Anderson (ENGEO, UCT)
A/Prof. Colin Attwood (Head, Biological Sciences, UCT)
Dr Graham Avery (WESSA)
Mr Mike Buckham (co-opted)
Mr Dawie Chamberlain (co-opted)
A/Prof. Susan Cunningham (Director, FIAO)
Mr Dean Ferreira (co-opted)
Prof. Jeff Murugan (Acting DVC Research, UCT) 
Mr Vernon Head (co-opted)
Mrs Marina Niven (FitzPatrick Memorial Trust)
Prof. Hussein Suleman (Dean of Science, UCT) - Chair
Mr Francois van der Merwe (co-opted)