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"This book is planned for the ordinary man who is interested in naming the birds he sees. The author gives details of where the birds can be found, where they breed, their classification, bird migration, in fact everything anyone interested in bird life can desire."   



Dennis, N, and Tarboton, W. 1993. Waterbirds: birds of southern Africa’s wetlands. Cape Town: Struik.

"Warwick Tarboton's highly readable text and Nigel Dennis's stunning photographs portray 83 waterbird species that occur south of the Zambezi and Cunene Rivers and offer persuasive reasons why the birds' wetland habitats - the rivers, lakes, dams, swamps and estuaries on which they make their homes - should be preserved."



Hosking, E. 1982. Eric Hosking’s owls. London. Pelham Books. 

"An enthralling survey of the owl world, illustrated by an unrivalled portfolio of outstanding photographs. The authoritative and highly readable text examines the natural history of the owl in full...."


Siegfried, W. Roy. 2010. Cape Peninsula birdlife : an introduction to better birdwatching. Cape Town : SCAMP       

"Cape Peninsula Birdlife is the ideal pocket, rucksack, pannier or car birdwatchers' guide whether amateur, professional or just curious."


Steyn, P.  1973. Eagle days. a study of African eagles at the nest. Johannesburg. Purnell. 

"The authoritative yet readable text tells of the poetry of eagles - in the author's words 'to study a creature as magnificent as an eagle at close quarters is something which has to be experienced to be appreciated.'"