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Some time ago, Africa Geographic gave us permission to post PDFs of the News from the FitzPatrick Institute pages from the popular bimonthly Africa - Birds & Birding on our website. The magazine was discontinued in 2012 but the publishers have generously allowed us to post PDFs of selected articles contributed by Fitz staff and students. They are listed here chronologically (starting with the most recent volume) but you will also find links listed according to author and to subject matter.

To find out more about Africa - Birds & Birding go directly to Africa Geographic Online where you'll also find information on back issues and how to order them.

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Vol.17 (2012) Vol.16 (2011)
Vol.15 (2010) Vol.14 (2009) Vol.13 (2008) Vol.12 (2007) Vol.11 (2006)
Vol.10 (2005) Vol.9 (2004) Vol.8 (2003) Vol.7 (2002) Vol.6 (2001)
Vol.5 (2000) Vol.4 (1999) Vol.3 (1998) Vol.2 (1997) Vol.1 (1996)