SABAP2 is a large-scale citizen science project, which has collected over 20 million records in the southern African region over the last 15 years.  Part of the BirdMap family of projects, which is active in numerous countries in Africa, SABAP2 implements as the same single robust protocol and dataset that is used in numerous projects across the continent.

SABAP2 continued to grow though the 2022 year, adding a further 74 635 cards to the database across the two protocols (27 551 full protocol, 47 084 adhoc protocol). This increased the number of distribution records by a total of 1 814 805 sightings, to push the project past the 20 million records barrier. 1 031 Citizen scientists surveyed 10 800 pentads and logged 927 species in the SABAP2 region over the year. This included contributing over 95 000 hours of volunteered time in the field to the project. An impressive feat! 

We are grateful for the funding that kept this project running through 2022, funds from the greater ABAP projects GBIF grant and the JRS grant for the BIRDIE project. BIRDIE is an ambitious project to take SABAP2 data, along with CWAC data, and create a data-to-product set of analysis tools, to aid in the decision-making process. This set of tools will create a data driven knowledge-based pipeline, enabling informed conservation decisions to be made, effecting on the ground site management, up to national conservation planning strategies. This project is a joint venture led by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), The Centre for Statistical Ecology (SEEC, UCT), Sol Plaatje University, The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and Seascape Belgium and Birdlife South Africa. More information can be found here

We are especially thankful to the Rupert Foundation and the Isdell Family Foundation, the various bird clubs and private sponsors that have contributed to keeping SABAP2 running through 2022.

The growing list of work published using SABAP2 data can be found at http://sabap2.

SABAP2 team (Admin)
Ernst Retief (Project Coordinator BirdLife SA)
Sanjo Rose (Project Communications, FIAO)
Michael Brooks (Information Systems Specialist, FIAO)

SABAP2 team (Regional Atlas Committees)
Carl Beel, Eastern Zambia     
Chris Brewster, Botswana
Jeff Curnick, Eastern Cape
Andrew de Blocq, Western Cape
Dawie de Swardt, Free State    
Derek Engelbreght, Limpopo
Doug Harebottle, Northern Cape    
Gerrie Horne, Eastern Cape
Andrew Hester, Western Zambia    
Holger Kolberg, Namibia
Peter Lawson, Mpumalanga     
Etienne Marais, Mozambique
André Marx, Gauteng & Northwest  
Duncan McKenzie, Mpumalanga
Bob Medland, Malawi     
Ara Monadjem, Eswatini    
Rick Nuttal, Free State    
Vincent Parker, Northern Cape
Julia Pierini, Zimbabwe    
Ian Riddell, Zimbabwe 
Garret Skead, Western Cape    
Colin Summersgill, KZN
Dave Winter, Western Cape