Stefan Schoombie


Stefan grew up in Pretoria where he completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pretoria. From there he moved to Durban, Westville pursuing his interest in the marine environment and completing an honours degree in marine biology. In 2013 Stefan got involved with the Fitz through the South African National Antarctic Programme working as a field assistant on Marion Island (M70 overwintering expedition), collecting data from albatrosses and large petrels. Marion Island made a big impression on him as he returned to the island in 2015 as part of the M72 overwintering team. Between these two trips he completed his MSc degree at the University of Cape Town looking at the population dynamics and distribution of Phoebetria albatrosses breeding on Marion Island. Inspired by GPS tracking of seabirds, Stefan started developing bird-borne cameras to be used in seabird behavioural studies. He is very interested in using newly developed technologies to aid in answering biological questions.


Remotely sensing motion: The use of multiple technologies to detect fine scale behaviour of breeding seabirds in a variable environment. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Rory WIlson, Yan Ropert-Coudert)

Peer-reviewed publications:


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Dilley, B.J., Schoombie, S., Schoombie, J. and, Ryan, P.G. 2015. “Scalping” of albatross fledglings by introduced mice spreads rapidly at Marion Island. Antarctic Science 28, 73–80.