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Bold authors = Fitz CoE staff and Research Assocates  / Bold & underlined authors = Fitz CoE post-docs & students (current & graduated)

Journal Published Papers

Online Published Papers

Beaman, J.E., White, C.R., Clairbaux, M., Perret, S., Fort, J. and Grémillet, D. 2024. Cold adaptation does not handicap warm tolerance in the most abundant Arctic seabird. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 291. IF: 4.7

Benito-Kaesbach, A., Suárez-Moncada, J., Velastegui, A., Moreno-Mendoza, J., Vera-Zambrano, M., Avendaño, U., Ryan, P.G. and Sanz-Lázaro, C. 2024. Understanding the sources of marine litter in remote islands: The Galapagos islands as a case study. Environmental PollutionIF: 8.9

Burawate, T.C. and Lloyd-Jones, D.J. 2024. Amphibian and reptile diversity of Niassa Special Reserve, Northern Mozambique. Journal of East African Natural History 113: 1-18. NO IF

Clements, H.S., … Cohen, C., … Rollinson, D. et al. 2024. The bii4africa dataset of faunal and floral population intactness estimates across Africa’s major land uses. Scientific Data 11. IF: 9.8

Cruz-Flores, M., Lemaire, J., Brault-Favrou, M., Christensen-Dalsgaard, S., Churlaud, C., Descamps, S., Elliott, K., Erikstad, K.E., Ezhov, A., Gavrilo, M., Grémillet, D., Guillou, G., Hatch, S., Huffeldt, N.P., Kitaysky, A.S., Kolbeinsson, Y., Krasnov, Y., Langset, M., Leclaire, S., Linnebjerg, J.F., Lorentzen, E., Mallory, M.L., Merkel, F.R., Montevecchi, W., Mosbech, A., Patterson, A., Perret, S., Provencher, J.F., Reiertsen, T.K., Renner, H., Strøm, H., Takahashi, A., Thiebot, J.-F., Thorarinsson, T.L., Will, A., Bustamante, P. and Fort, J. 2024. Spatial distribution of selenium-mercury in Arctic seabirds. Environmental Pollution 343. IF: 8.9

du Plessis, N.S., Turpie, J.K. and Letley, G.K. 2024. Feasibility of financing nature-based solutions for water security through water tariffs: evidence from South Africa. AQUA—Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society. IF: 1.9

Figuerola, J., Martínez-de la Puente, J., Díez-Fernández, A., Thomson, R.L., Aguirre, J.I., Faivre, B. and Ibañez-Alamo, J.D. 2024. Urbanization correlates with the prevalence and richness of blood parasites in Eurasian Blackbirds (Turdus merula). Science of The Total EnvironmentIF: 9.8

Fletcher, C., Ripple, W.J., Newsome, T., Barnard, P., Beamer, K., Behl, A., Bowen, J., Cooney, M., Crist, E., Field, C., Hiser, K., Karl, D.M., King, D.A., Mann, M.E., McGregor, D.P., Mora, C., Oreskes, N. and Wilson, M. 2024. Earth at risk: An urgent call to end the age of destruction and forge a just and sustainable future. PNAS Nexus 3(4). NO IF

Joseph, G.S., Rakotoarivelo, A.R., Pedrono, M. and Seymour, C.L. 2024. Can rewilding with giant tortoises increase woody habitat and limit fire across Madagascar's grasslands?. Plants, People, PlanetIF: 5.1

Key, S., Ryan, P.G., Gabbott, S.E., Allen, J. and Abbott, A.P. 2024. Influence of colourants on environmental degradation of plastic litter. Environmental PollutionIF: 8.9

Little, R.M. 2024. The status of listing global bird species. OstrichIF: 1.0

Matthew, D.A., Ivande, S.T., Ottosson, U. and Osinubi, S.T. 2024. Difference in acoustic responses to urbanisation in two African passerines. OstrichIF: 1.0

Ryan, P.G., Pichegru, L. and Connan, M. 2024. Tracing beach litter sources: drink lids tell a different story from their bottles. Marine Pollution Bulletin 201. IF: 5.8

Shaw, P., Ogada, D., Dunn, L., Buij, R., Amar, A.Garbett, R., Herremans, M., Virani, M.Z., Kendall, C.J., Croes, B.M. and Odino, M., 2024. African savanna raptors show evidence of widespread population collapse and a growing dependence on protected areas. Nature Ecology & EvolutionIF: 16.8

Final Published Papers

Bayliss, J., Bittencourt-Silva, G.B., Branch, W.R., Bruessow, C., Collins, S., Congdon, T.C.E., Conradie, W., Curran, M., Daniels, S.R., Darbyshire, I., Farooq, H., Fishpool, L., Grantham, G., Magombo, Z., Matimele, H., Monadjem, A., Monteiro, J., Osborne, J., Saunders, J., Smith, P., Spottiswoode, C.N., Taylor, P.J., Timberlake, J., Tolley, K.A., Tovela, E. and Platts, P.J. 2024. A biogeographical appraisal of the threatened South East Africa Montane Archipelago ecoregion. Scientific Reports 14(1). IF: 4.6

Bryson, U. and Paijmans, D. 2024. Lesser Grey Shrike Lanius minor Gmelin 1788 on its non-breeding grounds: comparative biometrics, moult data and criteria to determine age and sex. Namibian Journal of Environment 9 D: 1-20. NO IF

D'Amelio, P.B., Covas, R., Ferreira, A.C., Fortuna, R., Silva, L.R., Theron, F., Rybak, F. and Doutrelant, C. 2024. Benefits of pair-bond duration on reproduction in a life-long monogamous cooperative passerine. American Naturalist 203(5). IF: 2.9

Dixit, T. 2024. A synthesis of coevolution across levels of biological organization. Evolution 78: 211-220. IF: 3.3

Fortuna, R., Covas, R., D'Amelio, P.B., Silva, L.R., Parenteau, C., Bliard, L., Rybak, F., Doutrelant, C. and Paquet, M. 2024. Interplay of cooperative breeding and predation risk on egg allocation and reproductive output. Behavioral Ecology 35(2). IF: 2.4

Jamie, G.A. and Keogh, N.T. 2024. First record of Pincoya Storm Petrel Oceanites pincoyae from Africa, with implications for the taxonomy and ecology of Oceanites storm petrels. Marine Ornithology 52: 17-21. IF: 0.6

Miller, S.M. 2024. An update on reducing cub recruitment in small, fenced wild lion populations. African Journal of Wildlife Research 54: 15-19. IF: 0.9