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Journal Published Papers

Online Published Papers

Almeida, B.A., Lukács, B.A., Lovas-Kiss, Á., Reynolds, C. and Green, A.J. 2022. Functional traits drive dispersal interactions between European waterfowl and seeds. Frontiers in Plant Science 12. IF: 5.754

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Brill, G.C., Anderson, P.M. and O’Farrell, P. 2022. Relational values of cultural ecosystem services in an urban conservation area: the case of Table Mountain National Park, South Africa. Land 11: 603. IF: 3.398

Carucci, T., Whitehouse-Tedd, K., Yarnell, R.W., Collins, A., Fitzpatrick, F., Botha, A. and Santangeli, A. 2022. Ecosystem services and disservices associated with vultures: A systematic review and evidence assessment. Ecosystem Services 56. IF: 6.910

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Cervantes, F., Martins, M. and Simmons, R.E. 2022. Population viability assessment of an endangered raptor using detection/non-detection data reveals susceptibility to anthropogenic impacts. Royal Society Open Science 9. IF: 2.963

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Courbin, N., Pichegru, L., Seakamela, M., Makhado, A., Meÿer, M., Kotze, P.G., Mc Cue, S.A., Péron, C. and Grémillet, D. 2022. Seascapes of fear and competition shape regional seabird movement ecology. Communications Biology 5. IF: 6.268

Cumming, G.S.Henry, D.A.W. and Reynolds, C. 2022. Translocation experiment gives new insights into the navigation capacity of an African duck. Diversity and Distributions. IF: 5.139

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Davies, A., D’Cruze, N., Senni, C. and Martin, R.O. 2022. Inferring patterns of wildlife trade through monitoring social media: Shifting dynamics of trade in wild-sourced African Grey parrots following major regulatory changes. Global Ecology and Conservation 33. IF: 3.380

Davies, A., D’Cruze, N., Senni, C. and Martin, R.O. 2022. Corrigendum to ‘Inferring patterns of wildlife trade through monitoring social media: Shifting dynamics of trade in wild-sourced African Grey parrots following major regulatory changes’ [Glob. Ecol. Conserv. 33 (2022) e01964]. Global Ecology and Conservation 35. IF: 3.380

Davies, A., Hinsley, A., Nuno, A. and Martin, R.O. 2022. Identifying opportunities for expert‐mediated triangulation in monitoring wildlife trade on social media. Conservation Biology 36. IF: 6.560

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Dorchin, N., van Munster, S., Klak, C., Bowie, R.C. and Colville, J.F. 2022. Hidden diversity—A new speciose gall midge genus (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) associated with Succulent Aizoaceae in South Africa. Insects 13: 75. IF: 2.769

du Toit, C.J., Chinsamy, A. and Cunningham, S.J. 2022. Comparative morphology and soft tissue histology of the remote‐touch bill‐tip organ in three ibis species of differing foraging ecology. Journal of Anatomy. IF: 2.921

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Joseph, G.S., Rakotoarivelo, A.R. and Seymour, C.L. 2022. Tipping points induced by palaeo-human impacts can explain presence of savannah in Malagasy and global systems where forest is expected. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 289. IF: 5.349

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Final journal published papers

Biggs, R., Clements, H.S., Cumming, G.S., Cundill G., de Vos, A., Hamann, M., Luvuno, L., Roux, D.J., Selomane, O., Blanchard, R., Cockburn, J., Dziba, L., Esler, K.J., Fabricius, C., Henriksson, R., Kotschy, K., Lindborg, R., Masterson, V.A., Nel, J.L., O’Farrell, P., Palmer, C.G., Pereira, L., Pollard, S., Preiser, R., Scholes, R.J., Shackleton, C., Shackleton, S., Sitas, N., Slingsby, J.A., Spierenburg, M., Tengö, M., and Reyers, B. 2022. Social-ecological change: insights from the Southern African Program on Ecosystem Change and Society. Ecosystems and People 18: 447-468. NO IF.

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