Dissertation and project lists

Doctoral theses

Dilley, Ben. April 2019. The effects of introduced mice on seabirds breeding at sub-Antarctic islands. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Masters by dissertation

Johnson, Laurie. Dec 2019. Assessing the effect of feather wear on carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios, and the use of stable isotopes to determine predator diets in the Namibian Islands Marine Protected Area. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Moloto, Ditiro. Dec 2019. Are there structural differences in the flight feathers among Procellariiformes related to the use of wings for underwater propulsion? (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Conservation Biology MSc

Grey, Kerry-Anne. Dec 2019. Are local range expansions in southerly populations of Aloidendron dichotomum early indicators of a future range shift? (Supervisors: Susan Cunningham, Guy Midgley, Wendy Foden). 

Hoffenberg, Amy. Dec 2019. Reconstructing the long-term history of water quality and availability using fossil diatoms at an agricultural site in the Cape lowlands. (Supervisors: Lindsey Gillson, Cherie Forbes). 

Hörbst, Sandra. Dec 2019. Visual health assessment of parous female southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) off the southern Cape coast, South Africa. (Supervisors: Coleen Moloney, Els Vermeulen)

Muller, Rebecca. Dec 2019. How does urbanisation affect the breeding performance of African Crowned Eagles (Stephanoaetus coronatus)? (Supervisors: Arjun Amar, Shane McPherson, Colleen Downs)

Ncube, Thinabakho. Dec 2019. The effect of fire frequency and seasonality on the population dynamics of the critically endangered Clanwilliam cedar (Supervisor: Vernon Visser). 

Schroeder, Michelle. Dec 2019. Causes and rates of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) mortality in South African reserves. (Supervisors: Justin O'Riain, Vincent van der Merwe, Vincent Naude).  

Steyn, Clara. Dec 2019. Changes in food-web structure and energy flow in kelp forest ecosystems on the south-west coast of South Africa following the invasion of Jasus lalandii(Supervisors: Lynne Shannon, Laura Blamey).

van der Merwe, Daryl. Dec 2019. Investigating the effects of environmental variables on martial eagle breeding performance in the Kruger National Park. (Supervisors: Arjun Amar, Megan Murgatroyd). 

Venter, Olivia. Dec 2019. Effects of burrowing sandprawns (Callichirus kraussi) on urban estuarine water quality (Supervisor: Deena Pillay). 

Weiss, Joshua. Dec 2019. Spatio-temporal changes in riparian vegetation of the Kruger National Park: drivers and implications for biodiversity. (Supervisors: Michael Cramer, Dave Thompson).