Dissertation and project lists

Doctoral theses

Davies, Owen. June 2015. Taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeorgraphy of cisticolas (Cisticola spp.). (Supervisors: Tim Crowe, Rauri Bowie).

Rat, Margaux. 2015. Dominance, social organisation and cooperation in the sociable weaver (Philetairus socius). (Supervisors: Rita Covas, Claire Doutrelant, Phil Hockey, Peter Ryan).

Masters Theses

Berndt, Jessie. June 2015. Martial Eagles and the national power grid in South Africa: the implications of pylon-nesting for conservation management. (Supervisors: Andrew Jenkins, Res Altwegg, Arjun Amar).

Gwynn, Lisle. June 2015. The identity, origin and impact of a 'new' buzzard species breeding in South Africa. (Supervisors:  Arjun Amar, Rauri Bowie, Phil Hockey).

Schoombie, Stefan. Dec 2015. The population status, breeding success and foraging ecology of Phoebetria albatrosses on Marion Island. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Witteveen, Minke. June 2015. The influence of a changing environment on the breeding biology and diet of Kelp Gulls (Larus dominicanus vetula) in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Mark Brown).

Zoghby, Blair. June 2015. Fine-scale movements and habitat use of the Southern Ground-Hornbill Bucorvus leadbeateri. (Supervisors: Phil Hockey, Rob Little, Peter Ryan).

Conservation Biology Masters mini-theses

Abdu, Salamatu. 2015. Does the availability of shade limit use of waterholes by desert birds? (Supervisors: Susan Cunningham, Peter Ryan).

Atkins, Alexander.  2015. An experimental assessment of the efficacy of falconry to mitigate a human-wildlife conflict: Egyptian geese Alpochen aegyptiaca on golf courses. (Supervisor: Arjun Amar).

Baigrie, Bruce. 2015. Exploring the breeding diet of the Black Sparrowhawk (Accipiter melanoleucus) on the Cape Peninsula. (Supervisors: Pippin Anderson, Shari Daya, Dale Wright).

Bowker, Jenna. 2015. Attractant properties of chemical constituents of the green macroalga Ulva and their response effects on the commercially important sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla. (Supervisors: Graeme Cumming, Eleonore Hellard).

Cronin, Kate. 2015. Aliens in the nursery : assessing the awareness and attitudes of Cape Town nursery managers in regard to invasive species regulations. (Supervisors: Timm Hoffman, Haylee Kaplan).

Dickens, John. 2015. Extracting fish abundance indices from recreational fishing competition data. (Supervisor: Colin Attwood).

Espinaze, Marcela. 2015. Understanding host-tick interactions: risk assessment of mammalian infection in South Africa. (Supervisors: Graeme Cumming, Eleonore Hellard).

Fazey, Francesca. 2015. The role of buoyancy in the dispersal of marine plastic debris and the impact of biofouling: does size matter? (Supervisor: Peter Ryan, Coleen Moloney).

le Roux, Liezl. 2015. MHC Class I diversity influences haematozoon infection intensity in the polymorphic black sparrowhawk (Accipiter melanoleucus). (Supervisors: Jacqui Bishop, Arjun Amar).

Millan, Juan. 2015. Multi-nest building in Black Sparrowhawks Accipiter melanoleucus, an adequate strategy to cope with Egyptian Geese Alopochen aegyptiaca conflict in an urbanised landscape. (Supervisors: Arjun Amar, Petra Sumasgutner).

Russo, Alexandra. 2015. The prevalence of documentation discrepancies in CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) trade data for Appendix I and I species exported out of Africa between the years 2003 and 2012. (Supervisors: Timm Hoffman, Markus Bergener).

Sands, Dara. 2015. Mapping the sensitivity of Lesotho's avifauna to wind farm developments. (Supervisors: Rob Simmons, Samantha Ralston, Arjun Amar, Shane McGuinness).