Dissertation and project lists

Doctoral theses

Kaliba, Potiphar. June 2014. Faunal turnover between east and southern African terrestrial vertebrates: is Malawi the geographical break? (Supervisors: Rauri Bowie, Tim Crowe).

Krüger, Sonja. Dec 2014. An investigation into the decline of the Bearded Vulture Gypaetus barbatus in Southern Africa. (Supervisors: Arjun Amar, Rob Simmons).

Mandiwana-Neudani, Tshifhiwa. June 2014. Taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of francolins (‘Francolinus’ spp.) Aves: Order Galliformes, Family: Phasianidae. (Supervisors: Tim Crowe, Rauri Bowie).

Nupen, Lisa. Dec 2014.  A conservation genetic study of threatened, endemic southern African seabirds. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Rauri Bowie, Jacqui Bishop).

Masters Theses

Botha, Philna. Dec 2014. The effects of prey availability on the endangered bank cormorant Phalacrocorax neglectus(Supervisors: Tim Cook, Richard Sherley, Les Underhill, Peter Ryan).

Heydinger, John. Dec 2014. Cultural ecosystem services and the avifauna for the Western Cape: a social-ecological systems investigation. (Supervisor: Graeme Cumming).

Meyer, Corlia. Dec 2014. The endangered bank cormorant Phalacrocorax neglectus: the heat is on: understanding the effect of climate change and associated environmental variable changes on the breeding biology and population dynamics of the bank cormorant in the Western Cape, South Africa. (Supervisors: Tim Cook, Richard Sherley, Les Underhill, Peter Ryan).

Paijmans, Dane. Dec 2014. Investigating the possible change in breeding strategy of African Black Oystercatchers (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Phil Hockey).

Conservation Biology Masters mini-theses

Bell, Wesley. 2014. Pheromonal responses of Dactylopius opuntiae males in cross pairings of two female biotypes. (Supervisor: John Hoffmann).

Calder, Jordan-Laine. 2014. Weaving through the matrix: investigating the influence of urrbn land use on weaver bird movements into and out of Cape Town wetlands.  (Supervisors: Graeme Cumming, Dieter Oschadleus).

Campbell, Greg. 2014. Effects of temperature on gular fluttering and evaporative water loss in four sympatric cormorants in southern Africa. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Timothée Cook, Richard Sherley).

de Souza, Nadia. 2014.  Host plant associations of two cochineal insect species, Dactylopuis ceylonicus and D. Opuntiae, on the invasive cactus species Opuntia monacantha, O. ficus indica and a possible hybrid cactus, in South Africa. (Supervisor: John Hoffmann).

Gallaher, Kirsten. 2014.  The influence of rainfall seasonality and climate change on the demography of Aloe dichotoma, a long-lived succulent tree from semi-arid southern Africa. (Supervisors: Timm Hoffman, Sam Jack, Tony Rebelo).

Johaadien, Rukaya. 2014.  Comparative breeding biology of the Northern Rockhopper Penguin Eudyptes moseleyi on Gough and Nightingale Islands. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Antje Steinfurth).

Kinsey, Elliot. 2014. Burning for birds: The response of bird communities to recent fire history in the Serengeti ecosystem. (Supervisors: William Bond, Colin Beale).

Labuschagne, Zanne. 2014.  Movement patterns of African elephants (Loxodonta africana, Blumenbach) in a seasonally variable ecosystem in south-eastern Chad. (Supervisors: Graeme Cumming, David Cumming).

Massie, Philip. 2014. A statistical investigation of the behavioural responses of a deep diving predator to mesoscale oceanographic features. (Supervisors: Isabelle Ansorge, Trevor Mcintyre, Peter Ryan).

Milne, Robyn. 2014. Physiological tolerances of high temperatures in Fynbos birds: implications for climate change. (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Susan Cunningham, Alan Lee, Ben Smit).

Morling, Frances. 2014. Cape Town's cats: reassessing predation through kitty-cams.  (Supervisors: Rob Simmons, Justin O'Riain).

Sadondo, Phenias.  2014. The influence of temperature on parental investment in Common Fiscal and consequences for nestling growth.  (Supervisors: Susan Cunningham, Rowan Martin, Peter Ryan).

Stokes,Tabitha. 2014. An evaluation of game fences as a potential solution to human-baboon conflict around Table Mountain National Park. (Supervisors: Justin O'Riain, Arjun Amar, Carly Cowell)