Dissertation and project lists

Doctoral theses

Okanga, Sharon. Dec 2013. The influences of host community, urbanization and water quality on avian malaria ecology in South African passerines. (Supervisors: Graeme Cumming, Phil Hockey).

Shaw, Jessica. June 2013.  Powerlines in the Karoo: conserving Ludwig's Bustard.  (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Andrew Jenkins).

Thompson, Alex. Dec 2013. Post-fledging begging and development in Southern Pied Bbblers (Turdoides bicolor). (Supervisors: Peter Ryan, Phil Hockey, Nikki Raihani).

Masters Theses

Cerfonteyn, Mia. Dec 2013. The population status, breeding success and diet of Subantarctic Skua two decades after the Feral Cat eradication on Marion Island. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan).

Conservation BIology Masters mini-theses

Cloete, Daniël. 2013. Understanding the decline of the Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus) in South Africa (Supervisor: Arjun Amar).

Cohen, Lea. 2013. Increased foraging effort of breeding Cape gannets fails to compensate for reduced prey availability. (Supervisors: David Gremillet, Lorien Pichegru, Peter Ryan).

de Greef, Kimon. 2013.  Booming illegal abalone fishery in Hangberg: tough lessons for small-scale fisheries governance in South Africa. (Supervisors: Serge Raemakers, Merle Sowman).

Forsythe, Katherine. 2013. Exploring the relationship between restored ecosystem function and species composition: a meta-analysis. (Supervisors: Peter Carrick, Arjun Amar).

Greenston, Jessica. 2013. Assessing the suitability of an individual transferable quota system to address unregulated by-catch in South Africa’s inshore trawl fishery. (Supervisor: Colin Attwood).

Harding, Craig. 2013. Tracking African penguins (Sphensicus demersus) outside of the breeding season: regional effects and fishing pressure during the pre-moult period. (Supervisor: Peter Ryan)

Lane, Wade. 2013. Is the grass really greener on the other side? Would additional nitrogen, phosphorous and water to a savanna in the Kruger National Park result in a change in the feeding behaviour and diet of local ungulates? (Supervisor: Ed February).

Liebau, Vera. 2013. Exploitation of rocky intertidal marine resources in South Africa. (Supervisor: Charles Griffiths).

Madden, Christine. 2013. The impacts of Corvids on biodiversity. (Supervisor: Arjun Amar).

Namah, Jayaneesh. 2013. Sausage tree decline in Kruger National Park. (Supervisor: Jeremy Midgeley).

Ortmann, Heinz. 2013. Conserving Wilkins’ Bunting (Nesospiza wilkinsi): an endangered, single island endemic. (Supervisor:  Peter Ryan).

Palframan, Louise. 2013. From cost-effectiveness to economic-efficiency in conservation planning: the importance of considering the economic benefits of conservation. (Supervisor: Jane Turpie).

Peters, Koebraa. 2013. Marine alien species in Western Cape harbours, South Africa: a tool for strategically focusing monitoring efforts. (Supervisors: Charles Griffiths, Tamara Robinson).

Retief, Kirsten. 2013. Cycad forensics: Using stable isotopes and radio carbon dating techniques to trace the origins of ex situ cycads (Supervisor: Adam West).

Sanguinetti, Carolyn. 2013. Patterns in reef fish assemblages as determined by baited remote underwater video (BRUV) along the western side of False Bay: effects of site, depth, and protection. (Supervisors: Colin Attwood, Albrecht Götz).