Dr Timothée Cook

Activities and research interests

Tim is a marine biologist with a doctorate in ecology from the University of La Rochelle, obtained researching the ecology of seabirds of the French Southern and Antarctic Territories. After his PhD, he worked for five years at the FitzPatrick Institute on the interactions between fisheries and marine predators in the Benguela upwelling. His research aimed at proposing strategies integrating the needs of seabirds into an ecosystem approach to sardine, anchovy and lobster fisheries. In parallel, he collaborated on other projects such as the study of the direct effects of global warming on seabirds, the study of sea snake ecology in the Pacific Ocean, or the identification of marine areas of high conservation priority in the Persian Gulf.

Back to France, Tim lectured ecology for 3 years in Paris, first to undergraduates and postgraduates at Pierre and Marie Curie University, then to future wildlife technicians (BTS Gestion et Protection de la Nature at the EGPN). He then worked as a researcher for BLOOM, an NGO promoting sustainable fishing practices. There, he studied the role of European subsidies in the degradation of marine resources in African countries and other southern countries, resources that European vessels exploit through fishing agreements. Currently, Tim is employed by BlueSeeds, which he joined in September 2020 as a training officer, then as the science director. One of his main roles is to train managers of marine protected areas (Mediterranean, West Africa, Indian Ocean) in sustainable finance and management and to research solutions to increase management effectiveness of marine protected areas in general. He is currently involved in a mangrove resoration and conservation project in West Africa, with a pilot site in Guinea Bissau.

Peer-reviewed publications