Tevin Adams

Tevin grew up in the small town of Mamre, situated between the broad landscapes of fynbos vegetation and the Atlantic Ocean off the West Coast, booming with marine life. From a young age, Tevin was fascinated by the behaviour of animals and the beauty of nature. His enthusiasm for the natural world has not diminished a single bit, as his eagerness to learn more about zoology and conservation continues to increase.

Tevin completed a BSc in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at the University of the Western Cape in 2021, followed by Honours in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology in 2022. His honours thesis reassessed bacterial communities in communal farming areas in the Northern Cape and the impact of possible pathogenesis on livestock. The project was supported by the Agricultural Research Foundation.

During Tevin’s final undergrad year in 2021, he completed an internship at Ashia Cheetah Conservation. Here he had the opportunity to work with wild cats ranging from cheetahs and leopards to servals. His duties at the cheetah facility included feeding the cats, cleaning enclosures, and doing enrichment projects for the cats and clicker training with the leopards. Tevin also assisted the Ashia team with the translocation of wild cheetahs from the Eastern Cape to Kimberley, where they were released to roam freely in their new savannah habitat. This opportunity changed his perspective on conservation and showed him why rehabilitation facilities are important for facilitating and supporting the conservation of wild animal species.

Outside of academics, Tevin pursues his passion for bodybuilding and staying fit, which helps him to remain disciplined and driven.

Tevin's plan is to build his scientific skillset to the best of his ability and then use the knowledge gained to help solve conservation-related problems. He also intends to pursue a career in the field of wildlife-population restoration and preservation. One of his favourite quotes is “Never doubt yourself or give up because along the road, hard work will meet opportunity which would allow you to unlock your true potential”.

Thesis: Space and resource use of Cape Vultures at an isolated colony in the Western Cape: importance of livestock agriculture to this thriving population. (Supervisors: Arjun Amar, Robert Thomson).