Natalie Psillos

Natalie, a passionate advocate for the natural world, is embarking on a new chapter. Hailing from Johannesburg and being of South African and Greek heritage, Natalie developed a deep affinity for both the sea and the savannah, where she learnt to appreciate the vastness and beauty of mother nature. With a foundation in law, Natalie first ventured into criminology, completing an Honours degree at the University of Pretoria and subsequently a Master’s in Criminological Research at the University of Cambridge. During her three-year tenure as a criminal investigator in London, she yearned for a deeper connection to nature. This longing played a pivotal role in her decision to embark on a transformative journey to Central America.

In Honduras, she did a marine conservation internship, qualifying as a scientific scuba diver, which further ignited her passion for safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity and prompted a shift in her career trajectory. Building on her commitment to conservation, Natalie volunteered at a shark conservancy in South Africa, where she learned shark handling, sampling and tagging techniques. Thereafter, she interned at a UK data-technology startup, where she assisted businesses in developing ethical data-collection and -analysis processes within the field of conservation.

Now, strongly motivated by a profound desire to contribute to the protection and preservation of the Earth's invaluable ecosystems, Natalie has chosen to pursue a Master’s in Conservation Biology. She believes that the investigative skills she has developed in the urban landscape will now find application in the preservation of natural environments. Natalie aspires to use her unique background in criminology, her diverse experiences in conservation, her deep-rooted connection to the wild, and her multicultural upbringing to combat illegal activities targeting wildlife. Her future goals involve actively participating in the field, to effectively combat and prevent crimes against nature.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Natalie is an outdoor enthusiast, with a love for adventure and the elements of nature. She finds solace and exhilaration in activities that further fuel her dedication to the cause, such as scuba diving, hiking, skydiving and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.