Miranda Mix

Miranda was born in New York state and has been fascinated by the natural world ever since she can remember. After living in Japan, Hong Kong, and the UK, Miranda found her way back to upstate New York and studied at Cornell University. She graduated in December 2022 with a BSc in Environment and Sustainability and a concentration in Wildlife and Fisheries Management.

Miranda spent her final semester of undergrad at the Organization for Tropical Studies campus in Kruger National Park (KNP). There, she fell in love with the immense biodiversity and beautiful topography that South Africa has to offer. During this course, she had the opportunity to present her findings on frog diversity in ephemeral pools in KNP to South African National Parks representatives.>

In recent years, Miranda has developed a strong interest in aquatic ecology. During her time as an undergrad at Cornell, she interned at the Little Moose Field Station in the Adirondacks. Her duties included collecting water-quality data in remote mountain lakes and streams, using various techniques to sample Adirondack fish populations, and assisting in the day-to-day operations of the onsite Brook Trout hatchery. During 2023, Miranda worked as a fisheries technician for an aquatic resources consulting firm in Denver, Colorado. As a fisheries technician, she stocked private water bodies with trout and other sports fish throughout the state of Colorado and created management plans for clients on how to improve their lake/stream ecosystems.

Miranda is incredibly excited to be doing the MSc Conservation Biology course and is looking forward to growing both as a conservationist and as an ecologist. In the future, she intends to use the skills and knowledge gained from this program to become a more holistic ecologist and to conserve freshwater systems at a global level.