Dr Genevieve Jones

BSc (Wits), BSc Hons (Wits), MSc (UCT), PhD (UCT)

After completing her BSc Hons at the University of the Witwatersrand, Genevieve overwintered on Marion Island (Southern Ocean), which started her career in ornithology. She spent that year working mainly with albatross and petrels but also on penguins, researching population dynamics and the effects of marine pollutants on seabirds. For her Masters degree, she studied the fauna, flora and ecology of Western Cape wetlands to aid the development of conservation policies for wetlands in South Africa. Her interest in long-lived animals, particularly seabirds, was further developed while working on North Sea seabirds on the Isle of May and on Scottish Highland birds, where she was part of teams researching predator-prey relationships and mechanisms that affect sandeel (prey) resources. Genevieve also has an interest in wind energy and the effects it may have on birds and was part of a team that conducted research investigating bird habitat use of potential wind farm areas on the Hebrides. She then worked as a Scientific Observer on longline fishing vessels off the Falkland Islands, observing albatross and petrel interactions with the fisheries. Since then she has spent a further two years on Marion Island investigating reproductive behaviour of albatross for her PhD studies, which she completed through the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology. More recently she contributed to conservation-oriented research on African cranes. She is an Associate Editor for Ostrich.

Research Interests

Seabird Ecology, Island conservation, Sustainable energy


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