David Chapoloko

David Chapoloko hails from the small mining township of Roan in the Luanshya district of Zambia. Growing up amidst the mining-related environmental degradation of land, biodiversity, and water quality, David's curiosity gradually evolved into a passion for conservation and leadership. His journey began in high school, when he developed a groundbreaking innovation – a simple water purifier – to address the water needs of communities living in mining-degraded areas. This invention earned him the first Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists (JETS) prize for that year.

Graduating with a BSc in Forestry from Copperbelt University and an Agronomy Diploma in Agrostudies in Israel, David emerged as a prominent figure in land restoration activism, climate leadership, and conservation innovation. In recognition for this work, he was named among the top 10 global ‘Land Heros’ by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

In addition to his environmental advocacy, David serves as the CEO of AgreeNect Technologies, a platform he founded to empower small-scale farmers through digital innovation. He was also involved in establishing Art for Climate Zambia, a social enterprise that has positively impacted over 150 households and empowered 500 young individuals in Zambia through the Green Development Academy. In addition, he spearheads the influential Passion for Greens organisation.

David's achievements have garnered him numerous awards, including a 100 Excellence Actions for Global Youth Development award for 2023 from the World Youth Development Forum, the 2022 Zambia National Innovation Award in Climate Change and Smart Agriculture, and the 2020 UNDP Zambia Top 10 Sustainable Innovations Award in Waste Management. He has also delivered impactful speeches at prestigious events such as the GLF Nairobi 2023 Conference, ECO FORUM GLOBAL Guiyang 2023, Asia–Europe Forum on Green Development 2022, the World Youth Development Forum 2022, and the COP 15 on Desertification of the UNCCD. He has been awarded the prestigious Mandela Rhodes Scholarship to do the MSc Conservation Biology in 2024–25.