Clara Marincowitz

Clara grew up on a farm in Limpopo in northern South Africa. While she has always been a fervent animal lover with a deep interest in conservation, she nevertheless ventured into the medical field by studying occupational therapy – probably because she comes from a very ‘medical’ family. During her studies she discovered her love for physiology and research and went on to do an MSc in that field. Thereafter she continued doing medical research at Stellenbosch University’s Department of Psychiatry. However, gradually, she became more and more convinced that while human health is very relevant, our planet has fallen seriously ill.

In physiology, the most important process is homeostasis, or balance. If homeostasis is disturbed beyond its limits, the system overbalances, and the individual becomes ill. This, she came to realise, is what was happening to the planet, and she wanted to help. Therefore, as soon as the COVID restrictions had lifted, she became involved at the Two Oceans Aquarium Foundation’s Turtle Conservation Centre as a volunteer. However, this was not enough, and she decided to make a change and turn conservation into a career rather than a sideline. By doing the MSc Conservation Biology course, she hopes to broaden her knowledge of the field, enabling her to do her tiny bit in the mammoth task of returning our planet to a state of homeostasis.

In her spare time, Clara enjoys running, reading, sketching and playing the saxophone.