Dr Callan Cohen

PhD (Cape Town)

Activities and research interests

Callan has been doing research in association with the Fitz since 1998 and his research and publications focus on bird systematics and taxonomy, endangered species surveys, documenting new discoveries of range and vocalisations and popularising birding destinations.

He is currently writing up findings from his PhD on the phylogenetics, taxonomy and biogeography of African arid zone terrestrial birds, co-supervised by Rauri Bowie from UC Berkeley.

Callan has had a life-long dedication to birds and has spent much of his life traveling to the remotest parts of Africa in search of birds, with his highlights being finding Congo Peafowl after 17 days of walking in Africa's largest rainforest, Warsangli Linnets in the Daalloo mountains of Somalia, and rediscovering Namuli Apalis in Mozambique, not seen since it was described to science in 1932. He’s also a dedicated natural historian and has a passion for all things natural, including flora & trees, dragonflies, butterflies, mammals, frogs, reptiles and more.

One of Callan's main objectives is popularising Africa's birds and sharing them with others. He has written many popular articles and has co-authored two birding books, including the Southern African Birdfinder, a guide to finding over 1400 species in the southern third of Africa and Madagascar. Callan had led over 100 tours and expeditions to 23 African countries for Birding Africa, a bird tour company he founded in 1997.

Selected peer-reviewed, popular and book publications

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