Dr Azwianewi Makhado

PhD  (UCT)

Dr Azwianewi (Newi) Makhado's BSc Hons project at the University of Venda looked at the current status and potential of ecotourism at Albasini Conservation area in Venda.  After that, Newi explored the sub-Antarctic region, spending 15 months on the Prince Edward Islands (Marion Island) working on the Pinniped Monitoring Programme (seal group) with Professor M.N Bester of the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria. On his return, he furthered his studies, registering for a MSc studying the diet of fur seals at the Marion island. His next step was to join a joint project between the Animal Demographic Unit (ADU) at UCT and the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), for a PhD focusing on investigating of the impact of fur seals on the conservation status of seabirds at the Prince Edward Islands and off western South Africa. The study aimed to address the extent of adverse interaction between seabirds with an ever-increasing population of seals off the coast of South Africa and Southern Indian Ocean.

In 2004, Newi was permanently employed by DEA, working with Dr Rob Crawford who has since retired. He has taken over Dr Crawford's role as a Specialist Scientist: Seabirds and leads the Top Predator program at the department. Since joining the research team at DEA, Newi has represented South Africa at both CCAMLR and ACAP in international meetings. He recently spent three and half months at the Antarctic peninsula on CCAMLR related expedition collecting data on the three penguins species breeding at the area. Newi serves as Board Director at SANCCOB, and is an Honorary Research Affiliate of the FitzPatrick Institute. 

Newi's interest has been conservation of marine top predators especially seabirds and mammals and their role as indicator of ecosystem change and functioning. Also of interest is the development of conservation tool for management and conservation of Marine Top predators.

Current MSc student:
Farisayi Dakwa: The Influence of ecosystem variability on demography and reproductive performance of two species of Eudyptes penguins at sub-Antarctic Marion Island (Co-supervisor: Peter Ryan)



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