Atalante Itzicsohn

Growing up in France, Atalante always dreamt of one day working with wildlife in the southern African bush. Despite this childhood passion, Atalante started her adult life working in finance after earning a Master’s in Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance.

Although her mother, a doctor in environmental economics, introduced her early on to the wonders of nature and its growing vulnerability, Atalante’s own commitment to conservation was ignited while volunteering in Namibia, where she observed the critical role financing can play in conservation. She realised that her background provides a unique perspective that could be used to bridge the gap between economics, finance and conservation, seeing their power as allies in the quest for a sustainable future.

This epiphany led Atalante to leave traditional finance and pursue this Master's in Conservation Biology. She firmly believes in the transformative potential of incentives. Her mission is to inspire change from within and develop frameworks that drive meaningful conservation initiatives and ensure sustainable financing for critical projects. Her goal is to identify effective policies and strategies that incentivise businesses, governments, and communities to actively participate in conservation efforts

As she ventures into this new chapter, Atalante is looking forward to dedicating her unique blend of skills to a cause she is deeply passionate about: bridging the gap between economics, finance and conservation, and harnessing the power of incentives to safeguard the natural world, of which we are all part.