Assoc Prof Amanda Ridley

Assoc. Prof. Amanda Ridley
PhD (Cantab)

(Based at University of Western Australia)

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Activities and research interests

Assoc. Prof. Amanda Ridley is a behavioural ecologist with a specific interest in cooperative breeding behaviour. She works on populations in the wild, primarily involving bird species. Amanda is based at the University of Western Australia, but remains an Honorary Research Associate at the FitzPatrick Institute. Amanda established and is Principal Investigator of the Pied Babbler Research Project, a long-term research project that studies the dynamics of cooperation, including the causes and consequences of helping behaviour, population dynamics, interspecific interaction and communication, kin recognition and life-history strategies (for more information, see Amanda has also established the Western Magpie Research Project in Perth, which focusses on the relationship between cognition and sociality. Her other research activities are on seabird population dynamics on offshore islands in the Pilbara region, and population dynamics in the Arabian babbler.

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