Dr Chevonne Reynolds

BSc Hons, MSc (Wits), PhD (UCT)

Chevonne is currently a lecturer in the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she also completed her MSc degree in resource conservation biology. However, before returning to her alma mater in 2018, Chevonne spent many productive and valuable years at the FitzPatrick Institute where she completed her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Graeme Cumming and undertook a short post-doc with Prof. Claire Spottiswoode. Chevonne also co-ordinates and teaches on the landscape ecology module of the Fitztitute’s Conservation Biology MSc course.

Research Interests: Chevonne’s research interests are very broad, but in general she tries to use birds as tools for understanding landscape effects on biological communities. Although primarily described as an ornithologist and avid birder, she has a widespread interest in natural history and where possible promotes multi-taxon approaches. Over the last few years Chevonne has been involved in research that seeks to quantify how the composition and/or configuration of landscape elements affects bird communities at different spatial scales. This research has tended to focus on trade-offs between agricultural production and biodiversity conservation using both citizen science data from SABAP and field based studies. Chevonne has recently extended this research to urban systems and is keen to continue to explore the mechanisms that affect the biodiversity of cities the ecosystem services it provides.

Graduated students

Olli Hyvärinen (2017–2018). CB MSc student, University of Cape Town. Thesis: Vegetation Change in the Asante Sana Game Reserve after the introduction of mega-herbivores. Co-supervised with Prof. Timm Hoffman (UCT). With Distinction – June graduation

Selected peer-reviewed publications

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Reynolds, C. & Tye, N. 2015. 300 Easy-to-see birds in southern Africa