This theme involves the study of large scale structures in the local Universe and their influence on cosmic flows. A particular focus area is on identifying large mass overdensities hidden behind the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy in the Zone of Avoidance to better understand the effects on the motion of our Local Group.

2MASS Photometric Redshift Catalogue

Projection of all-sky distribution of galaxies in the 2MASS Photometric Redshift catalogue. Each dot is a galaxy, colour-coded by its redshift (right-hand scale), and the plot includes almost 1 million of them. The empty space in the middle is the area obscured by our Galaxy. Image credit: M. Bilicki

Prof Renee Kraan-Korteweg (Head of Department)
Prof Tom Jarrett (NRF SARChI chair)
Dr Sarah Blyth

Postdoctoral fellows:
Dr Maciek Bilicki (SARChI fellow)
Dr Ed Elson (NRF Multi-wavelength fellow)
Dr Christina Margoulas (SARChI fellow)

Postgraduate students:
Tom Mutabazi (PhD)
Khaled Said (PhD)
Louise Steward (MSc)

Selected recent publications by the group:
- The Norma cluster (ACO 3627) - III. The distance and peculiar velocity via the near-infrared Ks-band Fundamental Plane Mutabazi, Blyth, Woudt, Lucey, Jarrett, Bilicki, Schroeder, Moore
- Mapping the Cosmic Web with the largest all-sky surveys Bilicki, Peacock, Jarrett, Cluver, Steward