Book Launch: African Perspectives on Agroecology

07 May 2024
Seed and knowledge cover
07 May 2024


We are thrilled to announce the release of the long-awaited book titled African Perspectives on Agroecology: Why Farmer-Led Seed and Knowledge Systems Matter, edited by Bio-economy Research Chair Professor Rachel Wynberg. Uniquely, this open access book offers a contribution that is enriched by the collaborative, creative and critical voices of 33 inspiring farmers, activists, scientists, scholars, and policymakers whose viewpoints combine to articulate a shared dynamic vision of a world where agriculture is productive, diverse, and sustainable; where different ways of seeing and knowing are respected; and where seed and food systems are in the hands of farmers and local communities.


The book can be downloaded here: where the hard copy is also available for purchase.

A podcast of an interview with the editor, Rachel Wynberg can be found here: