Staff and Students

The department is composed of 16 full-time academic staff members and 6 administrative and support staff members. In addition, there are a number of research and postdoctoral fellows as well as visiting academics. A number of the staff members employed by the research units also contribute to teaching and supervision of students.

The department also has a large and diverse postgraduate student population. The number of postgraduate students currently stands at over 100. This is made up of honours, masters and doctoral students.

Academic Staff

Ass. Prof. Frank Eckardt

Associate Professor

Head of Department

Prof. Bruce Hewitson

NRF Chair for Climate Change
Head of the Climate Systems Analysis Group

Prof. Mark New


Prof. Maano Ramutsindela


Prof. Rachel Wynberg

DST/NRF Bio-economy Research Chair

Dr Jane Battersby


 Prof. Merle Sowman

Associate Professor


Dr Philile Mbatha


Ass. Prof. Gina Ziervogel

Associate Professor

Dr Johanna von Holdt



Ass. Prof. Babatunde J. Abiodun

Associate Professor

Ass. Prof. Pippin Anderson

Associate Professor / Postgraduate coordinator

Dr. Kevin Winter

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Shari Daya

Senior Lecturer

Dr Suraya Scheba Lecturer

Ass. Prof. Zarina Patel

Senior Lecturer


Administrative Staff

Mrs. Sharon Adams

Administrative Officer




Support Staff

Mr. Sayed Hess

Technical Officer

Mr. Chris Jack

IT Systems Administrator


Research Associates

Dr. David Fig


Postdoctoral Researchers


Emeritus & Honorary Professors

Prof Richard Fuggle
Prof Michael Meadows
Dr Brian Chase
Prof William Gutowski
Associate Professor Shuaib Lwasa