Dr Johanna von Holdt

Room 4.11

Work telephone +27 21 650 2244

Primary email Johanna.vonholdt@uct.ac.za




Orcid Id: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1303-6208

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My research interest is on air quality with a specific focus on particulate matter and how both natural and anthropogenic sources influence earth processes and result in polluted air. I investigate the emission, transport and deposition of atmospheric particulate matter and its influence on air quality, the environment and people. I am interested in urban and mining affected areas and landscape change including soil formation and degradation. I use remote sensing and ground based observational data and explore connections that can be made between these data sets to improve how we measure, model and manage air quality. I am interested in developing and implementing affordable and locally relevant methods for observational data collection, which includes low-cost sensors, exploring citizen science and community monitoring methods.