Application for Entry into the Honours Programme

Application Deadline: 30 September each year

You can apply for EGS Honours or Atmospheric Science Honours. This requires that you the applicant, specify your first and second choices on the application form. In order to apply for EGS Honours it is advisable to have done your undergraduate degree in Geography or Environmental Science. We will consider applications from other disciplines, if you can motivate why you would be a good candidate for EGS Honours. Alternatively, if you have not done your undergraduate degree in EGS, you can do Honours in your discipline and then apply for Masters, where we welcome people with different disciplinary backgrounds.  

You need to apply for Honours to the faculty where you did your undergraduate degree. For example, if you did a BA undergraduate degree you must apply for a BA Honours through Humanities faculty and the same if you did BSc undergraduate, apply for BSc Honours through the Science faculty.  

To apply applicants must submit:

  1. Please fill in the departmental application online only once you have all the items ready as required for this application. Please see the full application in pdf format for what is required.
  2. UCT application Form - online (please read the relevant information if you are a foreign student)
  3. Cover letter including a statement of interest, explaining why you are interested in doing the Honours degree (maximum 700 words)
  4. Students who have completed their degrees elsewhere are required to submit two referees reports on the departmental reference formIf you are an EGS student and have requested EGS staff to be your referee then you only need to list the names on your application and we will contact them internally. 
  5. Students who have completed their degrees within the EGS Department should list the names of two members of staff who will act as referees. 

Please note, EGS Honours students will graduate with a Honours degree in Environmental and Geographical Science.

Students in the Atmospheric Science stream will graduate with an Honours degree in Atmospheric Science.

Keep an eye out for our information sessions in the second semester on doing EGS Honours. Email Phindile Sabela-Rikhotso   for more details.

Please use the following email addresses for:

Application process related queries please contact Environmental Sciences

Honours course related queries, please ask Phindile Sabela-Rikhotso    (


You are advised to request confirmation from Environmental Sciences Secretary that your departmental application has been received. You need to submit both the departmental and UCT application to be considered for Honours